The OdrA brace: something new in treatment for arthrosis of the knee!


Press release from Proteor

This item is intended for the healthcare profession

Gonarthrosis or knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of knee pain after 50. Before contemplating surgery, the OdrA brace provides a fresh alternative for pain relief.

By treating the symptoms of OA of the internal compartment of the knee, the OdrA brace reduces pain immediately and lastingly. It is a dynamic support, made to a casting by an ortho-prosthetist. It acts only when the leg is fully extended, making it less constraining than standard valgisation braces. With its two strut structure, the OdrA provides good support for the knee, making the patient feel safe.

Release the pressure!

The OdrA brace produces a dual distraction-rotation movement, reducing pressure on the medial compartment of the knee. The ‘pinching’ feeling vanishes and the patient experiences far less pain.

When the leg is extended in the weight-bearing phase, the inner hinge lengthens the internal struts, causing distraction between the femur and tibia. At the same time, the outer hinge causes the leg segment to rotate externally, shifting the load line.

The OdrA brace thus relieves the symptoms of OA of the medial femoro-tibial compartment, whatever the radiological stage.

Support for everyone

Prescribed by a specialist doctor, the OdrA brace is recommended for patients awaiting surgery but is also more generally for anyone suffering from arthrosis of the knee on a daily basis.

Short and lightweight (less than 500 g), it is ideally fitted to the build of each patient. By greatly reducing the pain felt, the brace can reduce the use of medication and help patients resume everyday activities.

The outcome? Restored quality of life and renewed drive to enjoy cycling or hiking!

Prothèses de genou Odra

The OdrA articulation is a class I medical device manufactured by Proteor. It is for the manufacture of a knee support by a healthcare professional.

The support manufactured with an OdrA articulation for medial compartment OA is covered by health insurance organisations under certain circumstances: see

Read the instructions for use carefully.